1/16" Bamboo for skins?

Been reading the forum and notice everyone seems to be using 1/40" veneer for their boards, whether they are a “compsand” or just on the deck etc. Whats the deal, anyone use 1/16" veneer? Overkill?

I like the new sways. Change is good!


Over kill in my opinion. 1/40 paperbacker veneer, or 1/32 non paperbacked is good. If you do the WMD thing, you find that using 1/16 will leave a huge where the deck glues down to the foam unacceptable, it would leave a big hump,and a great big bubble string under the glass job. To get rid of that your going to have to sand the deck edge razor sharp flush…adding another step to an other wise simple process

Also I would think the 1/16 would deform the blank even with perimiter stringers, so you’d need a rocker bed…and then your starting to make a process even more complicated, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Then you need larger vac bags, stronger vac mmhg, more room to store the rocker table, etc, etc. Plus you have to store the sheets of 1/16…I don’t think you can roll 1/16 very tight?

just use 1/40 or 1/32, you can roll it up, put it in a box for storage.

Cool sounds good. I figured it may be abit overkill but we will see. I picked up a few sheets and will give a few things a go. Going to go the compand with 1# foam, and just sand the edge down slighty just like using 1/16 balsa. I think working on the perimeter rails first, building them up with balsa would stop against deforming the rocker.I am in no way looking to produce boards at any great rate, so little more work is welcome.

Thinking also laying up a few in a mold and make a few longboards and cruise the area. I will post a few photos of both when i get my hands on it.

Thanks again RH!

BTW - just read, the sheets are 73" x 25" x 1/16" perrrrrrfect for boards.


inspired by the great CMP we’ve been making surfboard-like devices using this stuff for the past 5 years and it seems to work fairly well. It’s $29 for a 48"x96"x1 mil sheet of this woven wall covering at the local homedepot 10 minutes from my house. we use it and the scraps along with sheet foam we get at homedepot to make our blanks and then skin them with nature’s version of carbon fiber/titanium alloy. but the sh*t’s impossible to sand cross grain…

but then what do we know we’re just hackers playing around for fun






high tech surfboard factory… no wonder we can’'t see the bumps in the outline…


Great stuff Bernie!

Thanks for posting the pics.

You compsanders are crazy.

Hey, in this picture, is the woven bamboo just being vacced to the bottom of the board? I Noticed in the cross sectional pic that it is actually between the two EPS sheets. Is that giving you a stiffer board? They look great. I think the look of any kind of wood is insane.

As everyone knows some of the compsand builds are incredible here, I have done a few with balsa, and looking to try something new like bamboo next.


giving up our “trade secrets” here… my brother’s gonna kill me -LOL

it serves several purposes

  1. its a way to use the off cuts from the skin trim to reduce waste of the bamboo mat

  2. it serves as a internal “springer” and helps hold in the rocker till the perimetere rail bands can be fashioned and attached. Thin bottom sheet of eps thick top sheet.

  3. with a little ingenuity, you can use it as a way to lock in your fin boxes into the soft eps foam without having to use inserts of expensive HD foam. A couple thin additional strips inserted vertically and perpendicular to the boxes on the bottom foam slab through the bottom up to the “springer” adds additional rigidity for the boxes allowis you to use all of your scrap bamboo matt trim on the same blank.

but then again what do we know

we don’t have side lighting or use a planer to shape just hot wires and some 36 grit on a 2x4.

Cool Oneula, gives me some things to think about. If it makes you feel any better, i made my last two compands on site at work in a treatment trailer. Backyard builders use any space they got haha.