1/2 inch Futures in 3/4 boxes

This is probably a silly question, but is there anyway to make 1/2 fins work in a 3/4" box.

Futures sent me some 1/2" fins instead of 3/4" … doh!!

I’ll send them back, but was wondering if there is an easy way to make it work temporarily…

maybe as a temp solution put a 1/4 piece of wood or plastic in the bottom of the box… ???

You can set em in the box by screwing the set screw into the notch and NOT pushing the fin all the way down. Have done some this way and have not lost one. Futures makes an insert, or you can make something like you stated.

I would wait for the right fins


as long as the rear guide locates, I guess you could try it

may have fin wobble

make sure the spacer will come out and not get stuck