$1,350 For R.J.

I saw a 10’ Ron Jon surfboard with cool dual colors pin striping and three neat black fins for $1,400 plus tax. It was made from traditional foam and fiber glass. It seemed a bit high to me. I talked to the sales guy (The Block At Orange CA.location), and he said it was absolutely correctly priced. So I bargained-down the guy to just $1,350 (cash) and had him throw in two R.J. stickers and two bars of wax. I had him load it on top my 2003 Lexus SUV. I gave him only a $5 tip…sucker! I felt kind of guilty too since that board was really heavy. I even had him install my new Ron Jons soft rack surfboard carrier for that tip…sucker again! I was in and out of that surf shop in under 20 minutes with my hard ball dealing. The sales guy hardly new what hit him. I made out like a bandit today! http://www.glyder.net

OK, it was really me, not Joe Mill. I couldn’t resist another wacked post.