1 yr surfing course

I had the best response for the the beginners and thank everyone who contributed now I have a 1-6yr surf course.

Im teaching surfing to intermediate and beginner surfers from overseas we supply the visa for a 1 yr course. Now I have to have questions for them and assessment at the end of each semister…any help in these areas would be appreciated…I have to have complete course ready by oct 1…its mostly practical practising surfing going to the best and uncrowded spots and working on our surfing…there is theory test as well…aloha Cheyne

Hey Cheyne,

I think we crossed paths a few times when I lived in South Coogee back in the mid seventies.

Having worked in the training industry in Oz for some time it’s handy to get the Cert IV in Workplace Assessment. This is now a prerequisite for those wanting to train others and a key component in establishing yourself as a Recognised Training Authority (assuming you are running the course in Australia).

This course is available just about anywhere through a local TAFE college. FYI



any refernces for dvd video books that have courses already?..i set the course last night and it looks like a real surfing course…think it needs some more fun cause 4 me i want to have fun surfn while im teachn…so any ideas?

Cheyne - Howzit? How was your winter? Summer for me was a mind bender. Are you looking to do formal assessment of the students knowledge as they learn to surf, and about surfing, eg. surf design/hydrodynamics, surf related oceanography, etc. I take it you need to come up with something to show the “authorities.” Is this the case?

Taylor E. Olson

Here’s an idea:

Course name: Realities of a Sufer’s Life. An honest appraisal of what one’s life will be like once the transformation is complete and life is forever more ruled by the tides and the winds and the swells instead of the time clock, the mates/spouses, career, financial well-being, and societal expectations. No prerequisites required to enroll, as long as fees have been pre-paid: there’s no going back from here.

“there goes another kid who’ll never be president…”