10 footer shaping questions

Hey how are you doing? I'm going to start shaping a 10'0''x 23'' x 2' 3/4''  using a burford blank 10'2''  with 3 stringers and I'm not so experienced in shaping longboards. What I wanted to ask is:

1) Should the planer be used with a different technique when shaping a 3 stringers foam?

2) Should I set up a big single fin or 3 fins?

3) What kind of rails would be better on this big board?

4) What is the best way to shape a water drop concave under the nose?

5) Does it need a vee or a double concave under the tail?

I didn't designed the outline yet so any suggestions are more than welcome, and if you can post some pics or videos that would be of help.


1) can't make end-to-end passes on offsets, you have to consider the grain. that means end-to-center on deck; center-to-end on bottom.

2) single, IMO.

3) neutral, somewhat thin, and soft.

4) rough in with planer, blocksand diagonally. (not really needed, though. it'll noseride just fine w/o)

5) slight roll to panel V

What Mike said. I’m a triple stringer nut, that’s all I shape for myself, done dozens of them. Don’t try to do much fine finish sanding. You have to finish the offsets at the rails with a block plane or one of the small draw knives. I like the block plane because there is more control and the cut is on the push rather than pull stroke. Dial the rails in and get them where you want and plane the stringers to fit. The more you sand the more it will “raise” the stringers. Also, think of maybe fin boxes for variety. You can switch back and forth from a single to three fins or even twins (but not on a 10 footer).

My friend Stéphane shot this video while I was shaping the concave on his 9’6":


Nice Work Guilhem.  Those stringers definitely complicate shaping, and remind me that I am just a hacker.