10 oz volan

I have a guy that wants me to glass his shape with 10 oz. Volan. I’ve never used glass that heavy on a board and he wants a price quote. how much lam resin should I plan on using? 10’board, 2x10oz top, 1x10oz bottom. oh yeah, what’s the going rate,less material, for a plain glass, sand, gloss job?

Hey JR In my measures you will use approx 1.5ltr for the bottom and 1.75ltr for the deck allow a little extra in your quote to cover yourself. For a glass job on a 10 footer in Oz I’m charging $320 + tax including gloss and polish, removeable side bites and a centre box and fin.That is providing I don’t have to CLEAN up the shape for the customer or spray any artwork.I’d also charge the differnce between 6oz and 10oz on top.Prices are Australian dollars.