1100 for a tudor? (nah, just a fin placement thing)

i made myself an 8 footer, mini-mal type shape except i decided to do a double wing swallow, with a twin fin, small trailing fin setup. i rode it like that, and decided to lose the little fin, put a regular trailing fin (GPR size) and put another plug in the center to move the trailer fin up from 4" to approximately 6". the lead fins are at 14". anyway, successful mission, the board’s got a much tigher turning radius and just feels better turning. i think the change in performance may have something to do with the cluster of fins too spread out in the original setup. any thoughts???

Isn’t the definition of insanity: To repete the same task over and over again, while expecting different outcomes everytime. Happy Fathers Day

Hey, If I were you, I would have changed the title of your post. Most people will see the “$1100 Tudor…” and stop right there. You are discussing something totally different than the Tudor board. Fin placement plays a very important role in the performance of a board. As you found out, if the set up isn’t jiving, you won’t get the expected performance. As for fin placement on my boards, I go with the standard, I just let the glasser place them unless a customer specifies something differently. However, I will never discourage experimentation because what makes your world go round might not be what makes my go round. Cheers, Erik http://www.mastermindsurfboards.com

He was joking. It was a very interesting topic, and I think it was finally agreed upon, by the majority of the Swaylocks crew, that 1100 bucks is worth it for a quality board. On the other hand, 1100 bucks for one or MY boards is truly a rip off.