13 Glassers Messin' Around on Saturday

Just a reminder the Saturday glassing “symposium” is set for this weekend, 11 am. It appears that we have about 13 participants, including tenover, sohaole, 4est, nathan, RandR, rKelly, benb (bringing another with him), darren, markssd, resinhead, LeeV and someone else… oh yea, me. If I missed anybody, let me know. The plan is to quickly go over tools, materials & safety, then we have a couple boards to lay up, one clear and one with color, followed by hands-on practice if you’re so inclined (using scrap/broken boards, no stress!) after the demos. If we have time we’ll slide into fin methods, plugs, ding repair, etc etc… we’ll have cold drinks but you might want to eat lunch early or bring a sandwich with you… any questions just PM me, directions are already posted in the earlier thread.


Hey guys, I am signed up and ready for the saturday glassing session. However, i am vehicularly challenged. I am living on campus at UCSD. I am 2 minutes off of the 5 south at Genesse Dr. If i could carpool with someone coming from the north that would be great. Thanks a bunch guys. Darren

ps. i could supply sandwiches and or gas money

PM your address and directions (or post them, whatever). If no one else bites, I can pick you up…I can’t however take you home as I will have to leave a little early…


here it is. From the 5 south you exit gennesse and go right( towards the ocean, towards blacks). Then you take a left on north torrey pines road. Then you take a left on pangea( it is south of the glider port for blacks a block or two). Once you are on pangea you will see a large parking structure on you left. I will be sitting on the curb right outside the parking structure. If anyone is coming my way i would greatly appreciate a ride. thanks a bunch guys. darren

Someone please take a photo or two? Group shot and board shots?

I think we can manage that…

Thought I was gonna be able to make it…unfortunately…it’ll be 12.

Thanks Keith…