1970's Hobie Mickey Munoz shortboard

I have a Hobie Mickey Munoz with a glassed-on single fin shortboard (6’). As I decide if/how to repair/restore this board, I was wondering if anyone surfed one of these in the 70’s? It will take some time before it is water tight, so I’m just curious.

Finally decided to read the directions and figured out how to post a pic.

that looks like a fun board! i like the tail.

I just restored the same board last week (7’0"). PM me in a couple of weeks and I’ll get some input from the owner. Thick, heavy, and a very flat bottom was my perception of the board. The one I did had more of a slight diamond tail than the rounded one of yours. If it was shaped by Mickey for Hobie, there should be a small logo (a shell with a peace symbol and Mickey’s name) on the deck side at the tail. This shape was very common in that day, Weber and everybody else made almost identical ones.

The tail sure is funky. Some people have requested some close-ups of the tail and fin along with some measurements. I’ve seen similar boards with fin boxes but this is the first one I’ve seen with a glassed fin.

Someone drilled a hole in the fin for a leash.

You can see the Munoz mark near the tail

It is a thick glass job with a super turned down (down-turned) rail and a flat bottom. I’ve seen similar glass thicknesses on a Brewer board. I read some where that these were designed so that there would be maximum floatation below the surfer’s chest.

Here are some dimensions:

Tail: 13 5/8’

Width: 19 7/8 (33 1/2’ down from the nose)

Nose: 14 3/8’

Fin looks like it is 8 1/4’ tall.

Base of the fin is 6’

From tail to fin is about 4’