2 types of expoxy - 1 blank???

Due to not having much luck finding someone to glass my first board, I’m now planning on shaping 2 more while I wait for my copy of Glassing 101 to arrive. I’m doing the EPS/epoxy thing and plan on using 6 oz fiberglass sandwiched stringers on (2) 6’-6"ers. I found some Duro? epoxy in the hardware store and I am wondering if I can use that to place my stringer and bond my EPS sheets together and then come back with a different epoxy(Res. Research) to do the exterior glasswork? Just curious if there would be any negative results where the 2 different types of epoxy meet at the bonding seem? Thanks!

I just did that with my Malubbie, West systems on one side and ST on the other. No noticable difference.

I think if you allow enough cure time between using each one, I don’t see why yours wouldn’t work, but I’m not a chemical engineer.



Thanks Hicksy! No problems with yours huh. Guess I’ll have a go at it.