2015 BC Fall FrankenBuild

Figure it is Halloween time, time for some fun and a frankenboard!

Here is my version of the penetrator!

Well, BB30 is pretty awesome and gave me some eps blanks a bit ago. They are around 5’9x20x 2 3/8". They have a bit of nose rocker. The previous two boards I made from the blanks, I glued extra foam, so I could get the right rocker out. 

This time I wanted to try something else. I cut off the tip about 18" put an angle, then glued them back on to get the rocker I want.


Always interesting work Melikefish. Watching keenly.

Frankenstein wasn’t created overnight, there were a bunch of pieces to put together, a little bit of grave-robbing, and there was the whole lightning thing. Welp, I didn’t have to do any of that. Life and good surf has gotten in the way of building this board, but here goes some progress.


Glued together and mostly shaped.

Spackle+floor finish

A nice silver base in case I am coopted as a herald of Galactus.

Time to spray. Spent the summer selling off a bunch of my quiver to pickup a spray rig. Ended trading a gopro for this nice compressor. Has a real 2hp motor, just big enough to make the lights flicker, but not burn up the wire to the breaker.

Went to home depot and made a water trap, and picked up a filter from devilbiss.

Also  picked up a devilbiss SRIpro and a harbor freight mini touch up gun($13).

The harbor freight is good for spraying on foam, just a basic color. The sripro is like someone gave me the keys to a formula one race car, and I keep grinding the gears, and reach a top speed of 80mph.

This is my first time painting anything with a hvlp gun, so it could have been alot worse, but no joke about having the right tool for the job. The sripro was worth waiting. It blended the colors flawlessly(well as good as my limited skillset would allow).

At one point I had sprayed the nose blue with the harbor freight gun, and it had sputtered. I switched guns out and started spraying the yellow, and it looked just like a mahimahi when they are all lit up. Kind of freaked me out a little, as I don’t want to be on a board that looks like one of my favorite trolling lures.

I used createx paints, and nova for the blue. The top is a candy purple. I had sprayed the basecoat of silver with a spraycan from citymill, since the silver base paint from createx was about $40

Still having fun! 


A nice silver base in case I am coopted as a herald of Galactus.

I hate when that happens…

Did you mix floor finish in with your spackle or did you spackle-let dry-sand-then floor finish?

I was thinking about trying a spray on my next one, thanks for posting up.



Hey Jrandy,
I used floor finish in the Spackle. enough in so it was mayo consistency, I think that was Greg Loehr’s recommendation?

It looked really nice when I was done, and took minimal effort. Spraying was pretty fun too because the lines were real crisp even when the tape wasn’t perfect.

North shore has been firing, so here is some wave porn from my phone. 

Kinda looks small, 

like something that maybe a wave pool can make,

in reality,

this would be like jumping off a two story building,

onto a truck about to crash into a pile of rocks,

ok maybe that is a bit melodramatic,

I wasn’t going to surf it…

but she was sooo pretty.

Back on track, Here is the board sprayed on top with  metallic createx auto air purple.

It looked really nice. I then glassed the board with 4oz S + tail path, and 2x4oz S + big deck patch.

The color doesn’t pop as nice. What do you guys do for a really nice color? Do you glass, hotcoat, then spray color, and then spray an auto 2pac?  

Anyways, should do a finish sand tomorrow, and then spray with system3 wr-lpu.

Looks great ! Don’t panic about the cosmetics, you’ll pick up as you do more. I dont even like bubbles in the rovings.

I’ve got one board I’ve glassed 3 times over 30 years, it’s cursed but rides like a dream.

Thanks Surffoils, I am pretty stoked about her! This is my fourth board with this design and I am starting to understand it a little.

do you think it will be finished for the new year?


Finished her, and was able to surf twice. Here she goes.

Here is some of the concave midway, and out the tail.

The first time was north shore, but it was pretty crappy out. The swell hadn’t fully come in Saturday night, winds were blowing, and it was all over the place.

I had also did the final coat with System three WR-LPU. I sprayed it on, and went on pretty easy. For the top the spray had enough time to dry, but apparently two days wasn’t enough time for the bottom to cure. Surfing saturday night, it was kind of cold out, for Hawaii at least(i.e low 70s) and it kind of fogged up in places. I will probably just sand it off when I have the time and respray, but now I would just rather surf it.

I took it out again Sunday night and it was pretty fun. There was a head high south swell that sneaked in under the radar, and Ala Moana breaks were going off. Volumnwise, it floats me to my nipples, but paddles really well. I got into a couple, and it felt good. I really like the low volume and the ability to lock a rail in the wave. Overall I am pretty happy with it, and it feels really good to continually refine one shape over several years. 



Now to change gears, the next project is going to be a medium size wave hunter. She will be 8’6x21"x3 1/8", with the backend from one of Mr. Thrailkill’s templates, and the midpoint forward will be full on jackedup Frankenstein nonsense. I have a beatup 93y blank that has been stored outside, and then in my basement for a bit, that needs some attention. 

Her purpose in life will be to let me paddle from wherever to wherever, and pickup nice meaty waves along the way. No more flames though. I feel really self concious about bright orange flames on the tip of a surfboard. When the sun sets, and the ocean changes mood, the real hunters come out, and I think they like bright colors.