233 Tape 2" Green or Beige. Want to trade?

I've got too many rolls of 2" 233 Green and Beige tape. They retailed for about $12.00 per roll, does anybody want to trade for some EPS blanks, RR Epoxy, Fins, maybe some 2oz cloth, seal harpoon, 2 stroke oil, or outrigger clips?...... or whatever surf related material.....I feel like Stingray.

Hey Ray...What you got?

Post what you got...if it's too embarassing pm me.

I’ll send ya 5 rolls of 233 beige 3/4" for a couple rolls of your 2" beige

I just picked up a 3 gallon kit of the Kwick Kick. Want some? I'm waiting for the spring thaw before I do any glassing with it.

That 6 oz S cloth you scored for me last year is gone.....Let me know what you find. I should have a little spare $$$ at the end of March if you want to go in on some cloth.

I'm dreaming of a classic tripple stringer long board cut out on Swagway Composites' machine...Gotta have dreams!

The 2" green 233 would be perfect for cutlaps



Bud, sounds good pm me with your address.

Ray, I can use the epoxy. If you need some 6 oz I have some of that too.  call me or PM


2" Green is perfect for a one shot cutlap tape job.

Mr. Head -if you’re interested in any of this, I’ve got surplus of thalco squeegees, glass on UL fins, proboxes (got a double order recently), PU lam resin 249b, 3/4 and 1 inch 233+, 1/2 inch 232 tape,vixen files, and spokeshave blades (for the little Zonas).  I think I have some 2 oz cloth around too.

I also have a nice chainsaw or a big lumberjack size Japan saw if those seals are still buggin’ ya.  Really.

Oh my....The chainsaw is appealing, it would work well with my seal skin death mask.  I could vision myself running through the rookery with that 2 stroke blazing!!!!  Scare the shit out of old squid breath.

  But I'm down with a couple or so fin boxes? 



cool…drop by the shack anytime and we’ll work a swap.  We can fire up the chainsaw anyway just for the fumes and smoke…I just put a new chain on it too, so it’s nice and sharp! 

Thanks for the tape Resinhead!