3' 11" of Pure Fun

Hey People

Here’s my latest project, nearing completion.

3’11" of pure fun for my Grandson Bailey 3 years old, it’s called the Half Monty because it’s a reshape of a Bruce Montgomery board, a Chip reject…(thanks bloke)

Graphics and glassing this weekend, Chip and Lavz coming along Friday night to watch, should be fun fun fun. Going with 1x5oz on the bottom and 2x5oz on the deck using epoxy, I know some of the bigger kids will use it as a skim board. Not too much surf in Airlie Beach but great mudflats…

More progress piccies next week…

Mini mullaloo gun is coming along!!

Who is that supermodel in the photos with the board?! Does he count as one of the bigger big kids?

Wheres Airlie Beach btw?


That would be me, the biggest, biggest kid…

Airlie Beach is in the Whitsundays, North of Mackay, Queensland. Lots of islands and reefs but bugger all swell…

Looks cool, but if you see it be used as a skimmer you’ll want to put alot more glass on it. Normal skimboard layup with Div.H-80 is 3 4oz. top 2 4oz bottom.

Maui skimmers are made out of Clark foam and have alot of glass on them.


Hey Dave

Thanks for that info, I had a look at the link you gave me, they are really cool boards!!

Couldn’t hurt to put some more glass on it, apart from increasing the postage to send it to North Queensland from South West Western Australia…


I have to tell you that the reshape of a Montgomery, and calling it a “Half Monty”, is some of the best wit and humor I’ve seen on this site. Thank you, it really made me smile inside.

Thanks Bill,

I’m always smiling inside and out, the glass is always half full and we’re only on this planet for a short while so there’s always time for fun.

I like to call it extreme living…

…see ya tomorrow !


…Hey Hicksy, why you dont do an smooth outline?..

Hey Reverb,

I’m not too sure what you mean…smooth outline, looks pretty smooth to me…

Grant is a graphic designer by occupation … here he is , hard at work again…

Thanks for putting those up for me Ben, sanding and drilling the FCS plugs tonight.

resident proseman Amprose sent this …Hicksy made it into a lam for Bailey…(may the board last at least till his 21st birthday !)

Another lam …the little guy will look the full “sponno” fellah , as he gets [pushed or] pulled into waves !

(thread hijack …

5’ of ‘face’ , for two 1’ 11"s to cut loose on …

The trouble is , “holly” and “rex” seem to think they OWN the couch now …“Rex” tried to bite me , because I dared to try to sit on “his” couch to watch tv ??!!

And, 6’11" of pure fun


Great work!! one groms going to be stoked!