3 fin bonzer fin set up

I’ve been searching till my eyes bled into this damn machine with no luck, so here we go. I am building a 3 fin “arc” tail bonzer. I would like to know the fin placement for the side keels. From what I understand, I should place the center box approx 4 1/2" off the tail. If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it. Also, if anyone has a keel fin template I would be stoked. The dimentions I was going to with were 8 1/2 x 3". Does that seem like the right size?



I don’t have my three fin with me right now, it’s not finished either, but i think I am using something around eleven for the rear edge of the runners, but I’m really not sure. 4.5 is good for the finbox, I’ve read in posts on here that 5.25 to 5.625 were where you want your fin to go, and on other sites it was like 6.5, so a finbox is the way to go. Chip might be able to give you some info on his, he did his runners smaller with a bigger center fin but used fin boxes for his runners too so he might be the most valuable for fin placement (note he also used wider foiled runners and it’s more of a ‘benzer’ than a bonzer).

The shape of mine are I think fifteen layers of 6oz formed into like a 9x3 trapezoid, and then cut across on a diagonal to make fins with about a nine inch base, three inch height and about a half inch rake. I didn’t foil them at all, just rounded off the front edge and the back corner, and tapered the trailing edge slightly.

22-25 degrees cant seems to be right by reading through old posts, and I toed mine in I think two inches off the nose. If you still need it in a week or so I’ll be able to measure everything specificly and give some pictures if they would help.

I got most of my dimensions from a freinds board and if I can I’ll get you the dims on that in like a week too.

I’d love to see the dimentions, that would be great. So now you have got me thinking more about it and I may make the side runners bigger. Also, in some posts on other sites I’ve seen the cant at as little as 18 deg. So I gather somewhere in between there and 25 would be good.

hi “5 fin glide” ! …soon to be 3 fin bonzer ride ?

this site has helped me out

http://www.surfresearch.com.au/00000198.html [45 degrees is extreme though , imo]

check out this Aussie one from there, too…


As well as …photos of the originals …

from the originalswww.bonzer5.com …THE “Bonzer’s creators” [the Campbell Brothers]

I would say go with 18 degrees [off vertical ie: 72 degrees]. cant

As ‘Deathy’ said , mine are just LITTLE side runners …the canted wood ones are only 4 1/2" base , and 2 3/4" depth . I use them with a 7 1/2" depth , 5" base back fin …in a finbox .

But , because I have 3-tabbed fcs side plugs on my fish , I COULD make longer based runners easily.

[Photos are on this ‘fin setups for a fish’ thread : -

http://www.swaylocks.com/forum/gforum.cgi?do=post_view_flat;post=214840;page=1;mh=-1;;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC ]

Also , check out lob’s "french cuisine’ thread …he made a 3 fin bonzer more like you mentioned .

okay mate …I hope this helps !


p.s. - what is an ‘arc tail’ like ? [a curved convex swallowtail ?]

…there are also quite a few shots of new 3 fin bonzers on the “moonlight glassing…photos” thread , by the way !


3 fin huh? Hmm… here are the five fin angles (click the link below the image for a thread about it over at the surfermag forum)


Thanks for all of those links, 45deg cant seems a little extreme too me too. I’ve decided to stick w/ about 18 to 20. The “arc” tail is what malcom is calling those wide square tailed looking 3 fins he’s making. The tail is just curved a little. I’ll post pictures as soon as I begin glassing (hopefully this week). Last night I layed up the fins, 24 layers of 6oz. I’m having so much fun I’m gonna burst! :slight_smile:

Hey 5fin

I now someone in OC with a 3 fin. I’ll see if I can get the can’t for you. Or if you want to look at it yourself let me know.

That would be GREAT!!!


stubbie 3 fin bonzers [" bumblebee"? model?]

is the 2nd photo … an “arc tail” ? [rounded diamond tail]

is the 2nd photo … an “arc tail” ? [rounded diamond tail]

Yep, that would be the “arc” tail. I’m going to get the glass today, start glassing tomorrow! :slight_smile:


by Max McDonald


wow , those boards are really impressive. How did you make the side fins? Also , that thing looks like it was a real pain to glass , how did you get everything to stick?

Here’s a shot of the fins I made this weekend, and the board so far…

5finglide, that should be a nice board when you’re finished… anyone ever seen or done a 3 fin bonzer with e-wings?

From what I have seen the 3 finners look like they have the same cant as a the 5er’s

I love elevated wings…

My board! My Benzer!