4 fin longboard

I came across a 4 fin pintail longboard in my Tuesday travels, something new to me. The board had to be over 9 foot, maybe 9’3". Anybody care to comment on the theory behind that? I’ve never been a twin-fin kinda guy, and I can kind of understand the idea of 4 fins on a short board, but it seems a bit out of place or marginally functional on a longboard to me.

well, I never tried a 4 fin longboard but I used to ride one with five fins - 2 bigger ones and 3 small ones – and a big tail channel, and it worked very, very well. So, never say never. A pintail with 4 fins sounds very different to me, but I’d try one out…

I have been surfing 9’ twinzers since 1992, have had 3 the latest is 9’2". All have been rounded pins. I like to be able to turn, they are fast and I like them. They work.