4 Ways - Genesis Fin Range now available: check it out!

Hi All,

the all new Genesis light-weight fin range is out and now available.

i just popped them into one of my regular customer's brds now, and they really look  and feel awesome!

check out the quad set-up on this board.



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let me see if i can get the image attached first,

been struggling...




let’s see if pic is attached this time,
sorry guys…

ok working,






2 things:

  1. direct link to your genesis fins


  1. web site that directly sells product.

I am in California although a Canadian supplier would work.

Very interested... would you send me a sample to try in my own board so I can see whether its better than my current system ???



Hi Marc,

where in Oz are you located?

i can get Maike or Charles to contact you with a price list and catalogue for yoru review and order.

what system are u currently using?

are u using any adjustable features?

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thanks for your considerable reply…its your thread.

we'll be posting the link to the web-site shortly,

it will be released along with our newsletter shortly!


we have a Canadian and USA distributor either at:




at the moment all enquiries can be process via email and clients can pay via PAYPAL.com


hope this helps


Don't hesitate to email if u need anything else ok,

my email is deang@4wfs.com


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hey Dean

the 4wfs is great, but getting a grasp of fin performance is rather time consuming.

i mean, the options are soooo huge, you get lost in them, i do!

if you have a quiver, then maybe you stick different fins in first to get a different feel for a specific set up, i do that... Personally i find that i use different fins more to get a different surf, and the toe in , toe out, cant is something i play with after that only.

i should not that i surf in holland mainly, where conditions vary from knee high slop to overhead slop, with the RARE good days at head high or smaller...

but, great system for sure, i cant think of more options than the ones you mentioned, astonishing...


hi Wouter,


thanx for the post,


the reall thing is, once we begin to finally realize, that no 2 boards are the same, then we realize,

what really drives the board is it's fins...


the fins "drive" the board, that we agree,

the orientation/placement and angles  of these fins will determine whether the board can be ridden at 100% of it's potential.


whilst all these "movements" might make people feel "lost" with them...

the reality is, they are there , if and when u need them,

it doesn't mean you have to start "fiddling" with your fins just because u can...

u ONLY tweak your fin positions if u NEED TO...


I relate this experience to someone who gets a computer for the first time, it's mentally challenging, but once they have used it (after a while) , they can't live without it... the reality is, most PC users only use a fraction of what's on offer. 

The point is, it's there for every user to tap into when they want to...


In this day an age, having the ability to do fine-tune things when u want is considered "progressive", i believe 4ways is the solution to the new modern-age of surfing.


You will always have the "tradionalists" who may believe fixed fins are the only way, but if surfing is to progress beyond the  "thruster" it will only be because we fully understand the current thruster set-up, 


at this stage that's still a way off, as shapers need to see the value in adjusting fins as a value to their clients, and to maximize their thruster-performance of their boards for all surfers.


i would love nothing more to see shapers get the recognition they deserve in the surf industry and to once again get the "guru" status they had back 2 decades ago...


here's hoping...


In the meantime, there's a dedicated 4 ways team ready to assist all surfers/shapers with any advice they can lend to "adjusting" their  4way fins.


Best Regards