44 man heats

I was thinking, for the good of the sport, the WCT top 44 should surf in 44 man heats. That would be more “real world.” Maybe then Kelly wouldn’t be as dominant (?), and I doubt he’d be riding a 5’-11" at pipe. Poor Dane Reynolds, from what I’ve read of him, he’d be out of the running real quick(doesn’t like hassling).

I’m saying this only half in jest. Really, if they had to COMPETE for waves, like most of us do, what board would they be riding?

And if they could only have 3 boards a season (which is already more than a lot of us can afford)? They for sure wouldn’t have 4 pound chips would they?

What do you think they’d ride?

They would all be riding a 12ft compsand longboard :D.

No, but they would probably use bigger boards. But I like it like it is. Everybody want the same board as the pros are riding, so I can keep taking waves easily with my 9ft longboard. I actually like that ;).

But since this year, there are coming more longboards on my homespot. I think the people here are realising that a longboard gives so much more fun on the northsea. I switched from shortboard to longboard about a year ago, because I found a nice showroom (3year old bur never used) longboard at a local surfshop. Here in inland belgium surf is not a big business sometimes showroomboards arent getting selled, because the market is too small. And I started longboarding and never looked back!

keep the “cool” surfers on the damn small shortboards! :smiley:

I always thought it would be much more interesting if they had to all ride the same board…and that would change from day to day and from comp. to comp. From surf mats and body boards to hotcurls and alias. Hell…body surfing also!


Oh yea…tourists from the heartland who have never seen the ocean are the judges.

O.K. lets play

en mass heats 1/2hr each then switch boards

basic shapes until the whole mass has ridden all the boards

then… all the surfers record all the heat

winners according to the participants

and the winner is…surfing…

and the trophy is for every dicipline

best shorty

best longie

best tanquer

best barge best stand up best

kook out best class act

best low dog

best flat worm

best squid

best coffin

and on and on

till it’s a bunch of friends

involved in a mutual admiration society



then eat.

Happy New Year!

take food to the beach