4'8" Microchunk

For  a while now I’ve been considering what to do with the heap of EPS/“other” foam scraps left over from some of the projects I’ve done this year  and I’ve decided that landfill should NOT be the first and final option. I’ve considered the amount of waste I produce just to create a handful of surf craft (even after factoring in the “waste” element within each build ) and have concluded that I’ve got some “duty of care” to my environment by limiting my own personal impact on said environment and to reuse as much as I can and where possible.

Obviously some waste is just that…waste…and can’t be re-used but after getting to the fill coat stage with this project I was actually pretty alarmed at the volume of glass off cuts, mixing pots/sticks and vacced up dust I “created” (whilst “creating”) just to make this small board happen and which for the most part ended up in my bin. Don’t even go there with the amount of disposable rubber gloves I used in an effort to keep the blank free of hand grease and all other manner of shite that likes to settle prior to any form of glue usage !!  I’m sure I used somewhere in the region of 30 pairs even after turning them inside out and rinsing them with denatured alc’ (this does work btw).

Anyway, I ended up with two garbage bags full of crap but after having a look at what comprised this I’m now sure I can get my “inevitable” waste down to two bags for every two boards I build instead of two bags for every board!!! I know I can do this by flipping mixing sticks, reducing plastic waste by using paper pots (still same amount but not plastic) and saving glass offcuts for smaller projects (handplanes, fins etc). I’ll keep the larger foam offcuts for compsands like this one and make a better effort to limit the un-usable and more harmful types of waste going forward.

Blah blah…off soap box and on with build thread I say !!!

Anyway, I’ve had it in mind for a while now to build a travel board that can cover at least two surf disciplines and so suit my general needs here in the UK and when I go abroad. Obviously it needs to be small but it also must enable me to ride prone, drop knee or use it with a kite in light to moderate wind strengths. So, I’ve come up with a Simmons/Chunk style compsand which is, essentially, a small cross over planning hull/skim type board using all the offcuts I could find to make this blank…… It’s a 1.75lp EPS core with XPS and with the nose laminated from thinner XPS strips and Gorilla glue…

Sorry, I cant figure out how to embed these pictures and see what i’m writing at the same time so i’m doing these as seperate entries. Anyway, as I said I laminated the nose and sides with Gorilla and then shaped the nose and rails accordingly. The deck is flat and the blank has about a 3/4 inch tail rocker with about an inch and a bit up front. The hull has a slight belly entry and a central 1/2 inch lengthwise channel which splits into a serious of smaller channels at the tail.

I installed some chinese FCS fusion plugs (***as they are way cheaper than the original) and added my own HDF pads to them as was intended in the original design and this worked well. ***I live in the UK and FCS products are twice to three time what you’d pay in the US…so count yourself lucky boys (girls).

I then microballooned with various pigments to seal the blank and then proceeded to laminate using combinations of 6oz fabric and vectornet to get the strength where i need it. Anyway i’m at the fill coat stage now so will post more next week when I’m finished !!



nice project - I especially like how you incorporated wood rails on a foam board!

Thanks Huck is a joke no?!!.. XPS on the rails and stringer…We get orange colour XPS here which oddly works a lot like wood when shaping. Really dense but quite versatile…


haha ok my bad, photo looked like balsa!  I have done this once (with wood), and thinking about doing it again, so I guess it was just in my mind as wood.  Great project nonetheless, thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Yeah…I’d do it with balsa myself but mega expensive here !!!..im really limited by my materials and cost !!



IMO, you should have not colored the board; it looked too good as built.  Nice work and maybe I’ll save my rail cutting and do something similar one day.

Gunkie…fair comment but I was experimenting with colours and tints to see how this would work out as I’ve not got a lot of experience with colour. Someone on here said that using paint dye (which is an acrylic polymer) from the paint store (minus the latex paint) would work and that was a real gem in terms of colouring epoxy. It cost me about about 5 bucks US to get enough tint to do about 4 boards and now I can get literally any colour I want doing it this way. I also tried epoxy pigments and some tinting as well as mixing it up with micro balloons and spackle…all of it works to a more than acceptable degree.

Although this build has been an exercise in “recycle and reuse” it’s also been really good for me to try out and learn new ways of doing things…Kind of an anything goes cuz I’m not that bothered if it goes t**ts up attitutude.Maybe that’s why it’s been a lot of fun full stop…it’d be different if i’d cracked into a new US blank I suppose.

Hey, It’s not perfect but the successes outweigh the fails and so far it looks a decent, light and strong board without breaking the bank… saying that i’ve just fill coated it so we’ll see huh?




How how how did you sand the glue lines without diggin into the surrounding foam?

How how how did you sand the glue lines without diggin into the surrounding foam?

Love all of it Sparx45

Recycle reuse.

Can we get a ride report.

Interesting bottom.

And what’s up with the rear fin boxes?

Looks like by using centers you are able to curve the fins.


That thing is cool. I like the color deco. Great posting mate

very cool project

ride report asap


Monkstar…I used a stanley blade run flat to the glue line and trimmed off the excess glue first and then I sanded the joins flat using a long flat and hard rectangular block with 60 grit…kinda like using a fairing board…works well mate

Mattwho…thank u…ive noticed you’re also keen in a resusable ethic …love the hand plane man!!!..with respect to the boxes …its an optical illusion…the fins appear curved but are single foiled…
UncleG…am hoping to use it next week as we have some full on weather headed this way !!!..I’ll keep u all posted…and attach some final picz!!!


Ok…so small update: I’ve fill coated both the deck and hull and done some fairing as I made a couple of stupid rookie mistakes with the lam around the fin boxes (i.e I normally grind them near flat before installing) and I ended up with some bubbling around the outer rims which is a PITA. I may have had one of those “I know I should do it this way but i’m gonna do it wrong anyway” days which, as usual, ends up with me having to do twice the amount of work at the fill and sand stage…muppet !! Live and learn (or not in my case !!!). Anyway all is sorted now and looks the way it should.

So, I’m now at the hotcoat stage and should get at least one down today and if I’m quick with the KK maybe two !!..There is a ton of wind and swell around at the moment so I am REALLY tempted to go for a blast as it is !!.. see previous points abpout doing the right thing !!



Updatw… It’s been seriously flat and zero wind…also life and all that…anyway… I’ve been styling some fins for the chunk. Come up with a speed dialler set up which I’m doing out of birch ply…also doing some moon shaped fins for that Simmons style set up…have also experimented with stenciling and am pleased with the result !!!

This thing is out of control cool.


This thing is out of control cool.


I have to second that. Such great work.

Well Thanks Fellas !!!.. really nice to hear. Sadly no ride report yet…The chunk just sits there leaning against the wall looking at me…all waxed up and nowhere to go !! Honestly, the weather here in the UK has been really bad and hacking it down with rain…no waves and no useable wind where I’m at…

However, today It’s looking all good and I’m expecting to get my first ride on it today… Hooraaaah !