5-fin for Anthony

6’3 x 19.5" x 2 .5" This is what he said today

yep, i rode it the last three days in head high right point break waves. the board is effortlessly fast, really stable when in the steep part of the wave, and paddles like its 7 feet long. its the coolest shortboard ive ever had and i’m excited for what will happen when i really get used to it. the craftsmanship is practically flawless too and thats worth a lot to me.


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Have you ridden this board yet ? Greg

See what’s free at AOL.com.

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That Board looks sick! What did you do as far as fin placement for that board Front fins and rear/ Fin cant/ Toe in. Oh by the way thanks for helping me with the 6’1 fin placemen, my buddie loves the board. Very responsive and drivey, but he can still throw out the tail when he wants-josh

Beauty, Greg. If you have a minute, I’d love some enlightenment about how you choose 5 fins all the same size or not & reasons both ways. Most of what you’ve posted had them all the same. This one looks like not only are the front pair larger than usual, but the rear trio are smaller than most. What were your goals in that setup? Thanks…

As the tails get narrower both sets of fins move forward and the rears get shorter. This is what works best and is from ridding all these various sizes and working out the sizes and placements to give the best performance on that length and width board. This is part of what i offer ,Custom boards with Custom fins for that board to bring out its complete performance. You will notice none of my customers want to switch out fins or move them by much if at all. The 3 rears being the same size is the way i wanted to balance the rear fin area and it would take a while to exsplain this. I have another recent customer review and will post that .

Again you will notice that the board just works , no adjustment , everything feels right. This is the board and the custom fins for the board working together. And its a completly different type and size of board.


would the 5-fin setups also work well for a rounded pin? (similar to a channel islands black beauty)

From what I have found in the resources and archives they all appear to be on swallow tails.



The reduction of area with a round tail will stiffen the same fin setup used for a squash or swallow. I am shure it can be done but i have not had time to go in that direction. This winter i will further improve these designs and work on something i feel will be really special.

Hi Greg,

Really appreciate your posts.I’m really interested in multi fin boards (other than thruster)

Personally really enjoy my M C bonzer but am interested in trying quads as well.

However I live in New Zealand and altho I would dearly like to get a board off you this would not be practical.

I’ve got a 7’3’'x21x2 3/4 fish type of board (standard thruster set up) and I’m thinking of modifying it as per the

Quattro and Multi fin systems on his web site www.mckeesurf.com.by adding exta fcs plugs

I’d be interested in you thoughts