5'0" Mini

Hello Sways Crew,

Got this mini disc from Greenlight Surf Supply sometime ago, and was looking for some input… I wanted to do a quad, but have been a little intimidated by all of the different kinds of set-ups… EX: 6 degrees cant in the front with 0 in back, or 6 and 4/ what kind of fins/ sizes, toe angles, ETC, ETC… Anyways would this be better suited as a thruster anyways, or would a quad work well here?? Also if a quad was decided upon i was considering a bat tail… Any ideas/ help?  

Keep it a square tail in my opinion. And their are a lot of options for concaves. Flat to vee out the tail is easy and fast and fun. Quads are faster to get up to speed which is the purpose of a mini simmons. Speed. Twin would be fun or twinzer. But quad works. You want a drivey fin set futures controllers. Twin keels. Simmons keels. Whatever. 6/4 is pretty standard fin setup for quad. 6/0 is used to the McKee setup usually. Don’t be intimidated. Everyone is here to help. Do what you want. It’s your board. There is never a right way to make a surfboard. Just take you time with each step an it will turn out good.