5'4 quad... board # 4.5 questions and pics

helloo human fish all over the world,

it’s me again.

a friend of mine made an order and wanted me to make him some kind

of a biscuit/fishcuit/disc style board.

so we sat together, glass of wine, some music and played with aku shaper and here is the result:

(pdf file attached)


it’s 5’4 x 21 13/16 x 2 3/4 , I plan to put on a quad fin setup and I need some help on where to locate them.

both fins ( rear and front) are side fins ( single foild) .

any help appriciated




bottom of the board has a single concave from the nose to the front foot area and a V from there to the tail.

sharp edges in the tail section.

nothing?? :frowning:

no advise for fin placment?

if so , than i just might put them on the deck up front the nose :slight_smile:

With the amount of curve or ‘‘hip’’ on that outline, the rear fins are going to end up considerably inboard of the fronts,

even if you put the rears close to the rail. Also when you go that short (5’4’'), you need to start moving the fronts back.


I’d suggest 10’’ and 5’‘, both 1.25’’ off rail, but I could be totally wrong as I have no reference point for the outline. I

haven’t done one like that. Actually it’s probably going to ride like a roundtail, because that’s what it is except for the

small swallow cut.

Have fun!


thanks for the input,

hope it’ll be all good.


ok I might be able to help you out here. I just finished a 56 biscuit with almost exactly the same dims. If you are using probox, probox larry gave me these dims for quad placement. Top 2 boxes 12 inches from tail and bottom 2 fins 7 in from tail. (both measurements from back of the box) all fins 1.25 in. In from the rail. Have a spread of 3/4 in. In between the boxes.IMPORTANT: have the back 2 fins parallel to the front 2. I toed the fins in 1/4in. And it seems to work well. You might wanna modify the lengths from the tail cuz u made a 54. Search biscuit quad placement if you want proboxlarrys version of this. Good luck!!!

snap ,

I read your post and Soulstice’s post as well and I think I’m going to put them 5" and 10" up from the tail.


now here r few more pic’s:

I used windows “paint” for this one-

and here’s the painted blank-