#6-the fantail stubbie

Just finished this one today-Bonzer 3 fantail stubbie! Fantails are friendly fat little birds the love to fly around your feet, hopefully this will be a friendly fat little board that likes to fly down the line. 6’1x21x2 5/8, first fabric inlay, yellow tint bottom, gloss and polish! Inspired by MP’s Morning of the Earth board and the “Bumblebee” bonzers that Malcolm Campbell has been shaping in the last year or so. Once again, Sways was invaluable for advice and inspiration!

NICE. good to see more NZers showing off their creations on sways.

I like that board a lot. wonder what it’ll surf like. Hope to hear a report on it :smiley:

Nice shape and a super-clean cloth inlay. I like it very much. Keep up the good work.

Very fine work. I’m happy to see that diamond tails seem to be undergoing a bit of a resurgence as that is my favorite tail shape. Can you give us more detail on the bottom contour from the mid-point back? Thx!


NICE! It’s making me homesick!

Thanks for the kind words guys! Had it out yesterday for the first time, 2-4 foot waves at a righthand pointbreak. Really fast down the line and fun to ride. Easy to catch waves with that wide tail! I need to experiment a bit more with rear fin placement, size etc. to get that pumping and driving feeling just right.

AOT, finally checking out your fantail post. Sweet shape and glass job. What about those mountains in the background, do you go snowboarding there? It looks like it has some runs on it.

Looks good! Any reason why you did the more abrupt change to two channels (the middle bump is kind of sudden) instead of a more flowing blended design? Does it give it more of an edgy feel or? Looks great, love the inlay!

Thanks for the good words guys, I’m surprised to see this post rise from the past! That board has become one of my all-time favorites. Ted-those mountains are snowboardable if you’re willing to do the hike in, there’s no access except up one of 3 riverbeds and up the ridgelines. I used to do a lot of backcountry snowboarding when I lived in Utah, I’ve always thought about giving it a go here but the conditions that bring snow to the mountains usually bring us good waves too and they tend to take priority! Nathan- I think the angle of the photo makes the middle bump look bigger than it really is, but other Bonzers that I’ve made since then have a less-pronounced ridge between the channels. That’s just how it turned out! It doesn’t feel “edgy” to me, it has a really drivey down the line feel but the shorter length and the rocker make it really easy to do cutbacks and turns too. It really comes to life on a long pointbreak wall!