6'11'' A - what for?

I could get a 6’11 A blank pretty cheap. what is it designed for? what would be a good board to shape from it? I am thinking about a 6’5 x 19,5 x 2,5’ shortboard to fish design!? is the 6’11 to thick? will the blank get too soft (preasure dings) if I take it down to 2,5 ? thanks Zimmi

If you take all that thickness from the top the board it will be really soft. With a regular glass job 4/4 Your pressure dings will be more like big pressure areas. You could consider going way shorter 6’0" x 21"and keeping all the thickness and strength for a more true type of fish.

I made a modern fish with the same blank, and it came out great. 6’5"x20x2 3/4 thick. Thinner is not always better, especially with the fish design in mind, though it really depends on the surfer. Except for skinning the deck lightly, take all the foam off of the bottom to bring the board to the thickness you have in mind.

Not to step on this thread, but why does taking foam from top make the blank softer than taking from bottom? TIA.

you step on the top

because foam is softer towards the center, so on the top you want it as hard as possible so take as little off as possible to stay in that more dense area, taking it from the bottom doesnt matter as much because the bottom foam does not have to absorb much impact. http://www.surfboardglassing.com