6'3'' Horan Piglet: Rush job and thanks to the craftsmen over at Waterboys.

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I had a customer on his way to Central America who wanted one of these boards, but didn’t think we would be able to get it done with full gloss, polish and tint within 10 days. It is close to an impossible task in the middle of Surfboard season, but I went to one of my former competitors who owns a local surfboard shop and factory. The board builder’s name is Rick Bullock who has been shaping for over 35 years and was at one time head shaper for Spectrum surfboards in Central Florida.

The glass work was done by Sean Fell who owns Waterboys surf shop, skateboard park and surfboard factory. The guys got right on it and did a great job. Rick used some of my personal boards to get the design down. Watching him work was great. Rick has more than paid his dues and his experience and talent shined. Sean who did the work and cut out the resin stars and did the pigment also worked tirelessly to get the board complete and here is the end result. Sean has learned his craft well over the years and is one of the most creative folks I know whether it be tee shirt designs or welding art or grind rails. I can’t thank these guys enough. It’s one of the things about the surf industry that is lost on other industries. Stoke.

These guys didn’t care about our having been competitors…there was mutal respect and they were just stoked to be able to help. I also called another friend of mine from FCS in Ron Long who got the customer the fins he needed next day adding to the team effort to get it done. The end customer was stoked to get his board and be able to take it on his trip. Regardless of some of the gripes I might have with the industry, it’s times like these when the good side shows up and good creative folk just get down to work to put out a good end result. Rick, Sean and Ron deserve all the credit.

Thanks guys

Nice looking board there noel, love the clean lines.

Thanks Beerfan.