7 fin board idea and a double single fin idea

So i have been not getting much sleep lately thinking about new or
different ways to do something with fins and surfboard design in
general. I came up with two weird ideas with fin placements. One of the
ideas is a 7 fin setup, a griffin inspired 5 fin rear with a twinzer
front, and the other is a double center fin this idea came from looking
at sharks and marlin. i dont know why i starting getting into this but
its been on my mind non stop lately and wanted to see if anyone had done
anything similar to this or had any input ; this is a picture i did
quickly, i will create a better one once i get my other computer back.

Search “inline single fin” username Wildy. He’s right into them

Thanks beer fan that is a great thread

Great!!  I always enjoy threads about different ways of breaking out of the box.  I'd love to try playing around with different fin configurations, but my knowledge isn't there yet.  I'm still learning the basics, doing my second quad right now.

Doubled center fin - Bill Thrailkill has done it, and as far as I know, still is doing it on some boards.  IIRC, his inspiration came from aerodynamic studies as a pilot, something to do with stall speeds, its kinda vague to me now.

Sorry about the poor quality shot - blown up view through the table legs.

Also, Ace did a six-finner awhile back, pretty awesome looking.

And let us not forget Fowler's Stoker VIII



 Jesus !

The glasser and sander are still in the asylum!!

On a side note, how fuggen nice is ACE’s little beauty there. Love his chunky little shapes!

Like those ideas A2tall, try em out and post results!

I was playing with the options for my Twinzer just now and came up with this:


On a side note, how fuggen nice is ACE's little beauty there. Love his chunky little shapes [/quote]

2nd that!

i really want to try the thrailkill center fin also, and i thought about doing an 8 fin but i thought it may be to clustered. noocean i like that 5 fin twinzer setup, i think i will bumb up my twinzer maybe an inch more and have smaller trailers like that something similar to a mckee setup. thanks for some good pics and ideas ill post pics when i start