7' to 6' transition...and vice versa

So I’ve been experimenting with several different boards for the past 6 months to find the right size board

I’m 5’5" and 130lbs.

. I have a 7’0" thruster fun board, 6’0" retro twinnie, and a 5’8" quad Retro fish-- all of these boards have a good amount of volume so paddling should be pretty easy.  I’m making a new standard short board 6’0" x 19" x 2 1/4" to see if this will be the winning board.


What i find awkward is the transition between my 7’0" board and 6’0"… the 7’ seems so sluggish and hard to paddle after i have been surfing the shorter board for a while.  The 7 footer is fun to surf when the waves are pretty small so I enjoy riding it but its freekin hard to paddle now. 

So my questions are:

Why does the 7’0 paddle SO SLOWLY compared to a 6’0"?  Is it because of drag? They are supposed to be ‘fun’ right? HA.  Or am I completely missing the point?  Shouldn’t the 7’0" paddle better because it sits higher on the water?  


thanksssssssss. windy


probably a combination of different rocker, and fin drag from toe-in on the rail fins.  Could also be where you position yourself while paddling…try shifting your weight around a bit.

thanks keith i will do that.  but on the fun board if i paddle too far back when catching waves … ill miss every wave so its weird.  

yeah you are right its probably the rocker!!!

well and fin drag cause i know there is some of that going on

it may be that the 7' board is just more board to push through the water and not quite enough board to get you on top of the water to glide.

the 6' board isnt pushing as much water

did you surf them on the same day, or conditions?

Consider the rocker combined with surface area… more rocker + more surface area means much more drag (that would be a full nosed funshape). Shorter board with flatter rocker means less drag (your “fishes” if I recall). Combine that with more fins, and greater toe in on your 7’0, and you have even more drag (fins provide no effective lift when paddling).

The last thing to think about is the width… does the shorter board let you get your arms deeper in the water?