70's Jim Turner Shortboard?

I have this old Jim Turner shortboard I am planning to part with, I don’t know a whole lot about it, anybody have any insights/info? Any idea what it’s worth? I would suggest it’s a wall hanger although shapes like this seem to be coming back around these days as riders reconnect with the old school flow.

It has the old single fin with the leash attached through the hole on the back of the fin, a first generation traction pad on top, and an old blue and yellow Morey leash with a heavy weight leader/fishing style swivel.

Deck has the number 536 above the logo and to the right of the stringer in pencil.

Pics attached.

Thanks, KG

Probably made in the early 70s on the North Shore of Oahu, prior to him teaming up with Owl Chapman’s brother, Gary.

No leash plug = early 70s.