7'3 Clark Foam Blank

Hey guys, I recently bought a 7’3 clark foam blank from a local guy down here who used to shape board every once in a while. I want to shape it into something like a 7’ or high 6’ retro pintail but I want to do it right and make a board that will ride good for any skill level. I dont want the blank to go to waste on a shape that i design b/c i dont know that much about designing the shape of boards. If any of yall have a template for a board that’ll work for me i’d appreciate it if you could hook me up with it. Let me know what yall think. Would I be better off just saving the blank as a collectors item (dont know how rare clark blanks are nowadays)? let me know. thanks, Cam

Hi novasurfer -

My old Clark catalogue shows several 7'3" blanks... I.E. 7'3" 'A' or 'P' or whatever.

The different blanks are quite a bit different - the Becker blank being the most different (substantially wider and thicker) from the others.

Clark Foam is OK foam but since they closed down, others have filled the gap with foam just as good or better.

You'd likely be holding that blank for awhile before it would be worth anything as a collectable.  There was a time right after the shut down when there were some bizarre valuations of Clark blanks.  I think that's over.  I'd just go ahead and shape it.

PM me your address and I'll trace you a template.

Think I might have a small clark lam left someplace.  You are welcome to it when time for glass.  Post up the end shape when pau.