80s - star fin systems?

i’m looking for fins for an old 80s thruster i have, apparently the boxes are star fins. anyway to hook into some fins for em?



Check out cheynehoran.com.au - pretty sure he still sells his starfins there!

Aw shit - wrong star fins - sorry don’t know mate



if you can post a pic of what you have - eg the empty box and or any of the fins you have i will take it to a shaper i know who still has some star fins knocking about - i have star fins on my G&S so if worse comes to worse i could make a mould somehow and post it to you

here’s a coupla pics of the boxes. this board was made in '83 (walker - east coast/FL, i think)

yeah - they look very similar to mine - out of interest in the bottom of the socket does it say G&S Star fin system,

i havnt had a chance to see this shaper guy yet but will hopefully this week

heres mine

hey - gonna have to check – keep dat one back at the office. will post info on monday - lecha know.




Posting a pic of a set that I have lying around.


hey Dave - if 9N78W doesn’t want those, I have a friend who has an old board that is missing the star fins. He’d probably be VERY stoked to get his board back in the water…

first off, my friends call me “Nine”. hehe

Otay - now if yr pal is more den 11 yrs old and is really serious about surfy-surf, den i will back outta dis offer. no sweat.

so let me know.



Hey Nine (I kinda like that, sounds like a song…doo wop hey nine…)

no way, you’ve got “dibs” - I just was saying if you already got some, I know a guy (WAY past 11, but that doesn’t matter) who’d be interested.



dave d: lemme know what you want for em.

I have a mailing address in Miami FL



yup – says “G&S Star Fin System” in the bottom of the box.



hi again - must be proper star boxes then - the next question what type of fins are you going to fit in there - i think there is a difference between the fiting part of the fins Dave_D posted and mine - i will pop one of mine out and get a photo posted - i know the guy who has some spares has the same type as mine



getting fins for this old board has been put on the backburner again. I PMed Dave_D to let him know I was passing on the fins he offered.

Still, i’d like to see yr fins.