9' x 22 1/2" x 2 7/8" 5 fin longboard

This is for Joshua in the Boston area 

It has nose channels and is glossed and polished 

I am posting these here to show what is possible in design when creating fins for that design .

No fin for sale will enable making these .

Foil and rocker 

Rail Line, foil and rocker 

Nose Channels

Custom made , designed , sized and placed fins for this board .

Joshua’s response :


Board is unbelievable fast, cant compare to my other HPLB which has a concave nose. And turns on a dime, cutbacks are effortless compared to anything else ridden for a HPLB.

Looks awesome. I like your style.

Greg With your nose channels are you also altering the inside rocker from the rail rocker in the nose of the board?


Nothing is changed other than putting the channels in .

You can’t feel them .

those channels are for release in the nose right?

They keep the nose from slipping out suddenly while up there .

Trim great thru flats too .