A bellyboards photo

With many thanks to cap’nn kirk … cheers, mate ! [I wonder if those fins were added later ?]

…Herb , you may recognise these characters ?

what are the things on the noses?


just guessing, but they look like splashguards. Like you would see on a racing shell (rowing)


hand rails?

cool pic though.

LOL “sunglasses” LOL…

they look like handles to me

Talking about bellyboards/kneeboards…

…here’s what I found while messing around http://www.surfnHula.com:

A very rare Mike HYNSON shape:

(With what appears like a Bill OGDEN’S designed logo -correct me if I’m wrong- I always loved Bill’s artwork)

And an old GREEK bellyboard, too:


what are the things on the noses?

Handles. Here’s a patent in PDF


Hey Chip,

I’ve been doing some experiments with bellyboards since the 80’s. All of them to the same guy, who is the only bellyboarder available around here and my main test driver, ha!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find some pics of the oldest models, but here are two pics of the last one and the happy owner.

It’s 4’5’’ x 18 1/2’’ x 21 1/2’’ x 20’’ with two deep concaves.

The tail is 17 1/2’’ wide.

The fins are set at 6’’ from the tail and 16 1/2’’ x 16’’ between each other.

The fin base is 4 1/4’'.