a communal favour to ask

hi all , i am not very good at asking favours , i would rather help than receive in most cases but sometimes you need to ask , 

my son and his girlfriend have entered pirate fms win a wedding and they are in the final 4 , they are like most young couples struggling to live , the cost of a wedding is pretty much beyond them but they are in with a chance or 4 to 1 chance to be exact , 

they need votes to help them achieve a win and a wedding , 

kevan has surfed since he was 8 and can/t remember what its like not to surf , a bit like riding a bike to the rest of us , 

he destroys boards quickly and it was this reason why i got back into making boards useing better materials and methods like epoxies and sandwich construction and vacuum bagging

so if any of you could help by voting for them it would be much appreciated ,

kev and serena have entered pirate fm win a wedding and they are in the final 4 , they need votes to win , could you vote for them , you can vote each day up to next monday so the more the better,

http://www.piratefm.co.uk/win/win-a-wed … n-ryan.php

you have to register but it only takes a couple of minutes to do , 

it would be much appreciated if you could take the time , 

thanks in advance , pete

Done; how are you, Pete?

hi, thanks for voting , i am fine as i hope you and your family are also, 

i am comeing down again to your neck of the woods in september with all the expanding family, 

i still have/nt got to scotland for a surf ,it was your wise words that did it ,

!!   you will need a stiff drink of scotch to warm up when you get out of the water in scotland but if you come to france you will need a chilled glass of chardonnay to cool down  !!

take care , petre


good luck

Done Pete.

Any news about the Comsand Forum?



hi , just like to give a really big thank you to all who took the time to vote , your votes counted and  they came out on top and won the wedding , i listened to it live on the local radio and they said there was votes from all over the world so once again thank you ,pete



So glad for them. Best wishes from France.