A couple more Horans

[img_assist|nid=1044234|title=6'8'' x 12 x 23 x 19 x 3 1/4|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=224|height=640][img_assist|nid=1044235|title=6'6'' Horan Nugget style|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=200|height=640]



is there a video of a regular surfer surfing those kind of boards?

i want to see how they are turned and moved around

eventually a video by cheyne is ok, but he is so good at it, that it is not really a good reference...

Nice. What did you do for fins?

The zap is a boat nose made for the winged keel.  It also works with the spitfire fin.  The Nugget style has a single fin box with four Pro box to expand to different fin configurations. 


Working on video of folks riding these.  I agree about them being normal folk.    Pros riding your boards doesn’t really say much to the average surfer.  There are a few folks that are members of sways that have bought them.


I’m a ‘normal’ folk and love my Horan-esque board. I got a 6’4" no-nose from Solo a while back and it’s an awesome board, faster than you’d think (wide tails are goooood) and it turns far better than a single fin should, I’ve been laying into bottom turns harder and harder on the thing and no sketchy slidey feel at all. Mine’s probably a little bigger all round than I really need, but I’ve really enjoyed every session I’ve had on it, even in crappy waves. It’s also been ridden by some really good surfers of my aquaintence and it’s amazing watching them getting it really dialed within a few waves then going nuts. I’ve used both the starfin and the spitfire in it and honestly the spitfire has been the one that’s stayed in- it seriously feels like there’s sidebites in there and it dosen’t have the slightly draggy feel that I got off the starfin, although in the smaller stuff the starfin was awesome, when you got the board moving right you’d feel the tail free up and the thing would take off. Honest between this board and the 6’4" Lynch double bump single I’ve been totally enamoured of shortish singles again- I’m even getting comfortable with them on my backhand finally. Those new ones are pretty damn lovely Solo, might be time to drop the starfin into mine and get it out there!

Sorry, no video wouter… but I can tell you that my Horan-inspired boards are some of the most fun designs I’ve ever ridden. I currently ride a 5’9" Shawn Ambrose single with the starfin and it’s a blast to surf. I rode it yesterday in a semi-mushy south we’re getting in SoCal and it really revived my belief in the design. I had already surfed my normal shortboard all morning…getting some turns in but bogging down in the mush a bit when I decided to run up and grab my Cheyne board. I had so much fun I didn’t want to get out of the water. I love how the board just frees up as soon as it gains speed…which is practically instantaneous by the way.

And by the way Solo, I’ve been trying dozens of fin configurations on that new yellow board I got. I hit something magic though when I stuck the spitfire in with a pair of C5 single-tab sidebites. I could not believe how powerful the board became and how much projection it had. I think the only thing that would have improved it a touch would be a slightly smaller version of the spitfire for this board. It worked insane but felt like I might have a bit too much fin in the water for the small size of my ride (a thinnish 5’9").

thanks for the comments so far

from what is written, one should have the right horan fin with it too.

does the board always come with such a fin too?

it is surprising to see that tails are as wide as 19 inches.

biggest one i tried was 16.5, but then again, that was with a quad and tri set up.

might just stick a single in one day.

i guess these boards for less than ideal conditions, right?




We already have the smaller spitfire.  One goes on it’s own or with the bonfire set up. The other is a trailing fin for thrusters or modern longboards with two plus one.  The Horans should respond right away if the bottom is right.   The outline is in my opinion one of the most versitile ones out there.  Glad your enjoying the spitfire.  


To answer W:  Yes the boards come with a spitfire.   The tail on my personal keel board is 18.5

Really? That sounds insane! What size is the smaller 2+1 fin?


If you look at the moving pictures on my site there is a picture of one.  It’s the one with the canted bonzer style fin set up.


I would call it about  6’’ depth vs 9.5   I need to measure it.   

Just saw it. Can you send me purchasing information?

I'm waiting on a 6ft single fin Micro Nugget from McCoy at the moment and I will endevour to get the GF to film a couple of little clips once I have the board sussed out!

If 'normal' = 'average', then I'm sure that I'll fit the bill.. lol!

In the mid sixties I did a 7' 0'' x 22''  version of the Velzy Pig, that I called the ''Piglet'', with a glass-on 8 inch ''reverse'' fin.   The ''loaded dome'' concept sounds like what was called a normal bottom of that time.    The board was fun to ride, but was too short, and too light (20 pounds) for the taste of the time.   Jim Foley, in Santa Cruz, was the inspiration.   He was well ahead of the short board learning curve.   


Best I have is this one turn on one wave, and I got all hung up during the turn anyway… and you can’t really see shit because it’s just the camera setup in the car.  Anyway, I’m surfing a 6’8" nugget made for bigger waves than it’s being ridden in that day.




Here is my first surf on a 6’0" surftech Nugget.  DRIBBLE surf with less power than it looks like it has.  In a rivermouth with a run out tide so it was standing up but just had no push to it.  I’m the bald guy.  The other guy is my mate later the same day riding an 8 footer Nugget.




Here is a link to my friends videos, he has only been surfing about five years and the last two or three? years on McCoys, he is about 38-39 years old.  He could barely surf when I first put him on a McCoy for the first time and his eyes nearly popped out of his head after his first good wave on a Nugget.  He now owns four mcCoys.

He really started to learn how to surf after he got on the McCoys.  Before that he was basically just floudering around but still having fun…


He is the one with the ever changing hair cuts and I’m always bald…



Here is a few boards and some proud fathers…



Love the yellow shape.  Nothing like a Mccoy.

Glaucus, nice videos!

Solo, any word on that smaller spitfire? So far I’ve ended up going with the MR '78s on that board and it just flies! But still, the smaller spitfire with a couple of interesting sides is something I also really want to try on that board.



Best I have is this one turn on one wave, and I got all hung up during the turn anyway.... and you can't really see shit because it's just the camera setup in the car.  Anyway, I'm surfing a 6'8" nugget made for bigger waves than it's being ridden in that day.



A little self critical I reckon... That turn looked all good from here (from what I could see!)


I like the way it looked like the board found the pocket too. Good little clip, thanks.

Hi Solo…(Long time no talkie…)

Still riding the 6’2 Horan Keel (The Blue one). It has now officially been around the world after spending it’s time in Costa Rica until last year when it took a good pounding during that epic swell in July and had to be brought home for some TLC. It has been my “go to” board for years now and I took it to the Maldives and Bali this year. Talk about getting the usual “what the f*** is it” query. When I answer “think outside of the box” these guys would snub me like a leper. LOL. It’s getting pretty beaten up on the deck from all the heel dents and body slams. But I still love it. My buds in Costa Rica loved the board. Almost didn’t get it back. (They have open minds thank God.) Rode that board in everything from 4-6’ slop to 6-10" Walls.