A dream come true

A few months ago, ProboxLarry posted a thread about some fins he had made specifically for a Greek model. Greek himself posted about it and I jumped in to tell him how much fun I had had with my Maui Model when I was a 15 years old kid.

To make a long story short, Greek told me about a “Collector” Maui Model that he was just planning to make and I immediately placed an order for it.

The board was completed by May 2008 but it took me quite a long time to find an economical way to have it sent to France. Thanks to one of Shaperoom.net’s members who volunteered to pick it up in Huntington and add it to his own boards and personal effects being shipped back to Marseille after a one-year stay in California, it made its way to France a few days ago and I went to Marseille to pick it up.

Not meaning to advertise or something, but this board is a beauty and I just wanted to share it with you all. So here are a few photos:

… now THAT is one BEAUTIFUL board! Classic shape, super cool stringers, and SUPER nice contrasting T-band!!! And NO training wheels!!! Bob is awesome!!! (super amazing glass job too!!!) … Way to go Balsa!!!

right on Bob, waterman’s guild, and Balsa!!

Very cool!

be honest…did you bring it in to your bed with you on the first night?

Love the shape! Beautiful! Nice stringer placement & love that pin tail.

be honest…did you bring it in to your bed with you on the first night?

of course he did are you kidding?

…probably still takes naps on it.

good, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t the only one who did this.

That’s a tidy rig.


be honest…did you bring it in to your bed with you on the first night?

My wife happened to be watching over my shoulder as I was reading this.

There’s a possibility that I might not be very present here in the near future…


Of course, I did. But I won’t tell you how it was. You’ll have to guess.

balsa, that a nice board.

please post a riding review.

afoaf…you’re not the only one who takes his boards with him to bed :wink:

Wow that is a very nice looking board!!

I know the excitement of waiting for a nice board to be built!!

Do you?

She’s a beauty… much nicer than the one pops pulled out of storage.