a far- fetched dream...or???(lookout china popouts)

i was midway in a long dream last night when this segment to it popped up. i had just picked up a new board and was all excited, as were those present at the shop. as we were checking it out, a friend strolled in completely freaking out he was so excited, for he too just picked up a new board.however, this board was something completely different, for it was a do-it yourself type of surfboard kit.

this kit consisted of a two-piece, aluminum mold that snapped together.one hale for nose to mid section, the other half from mid to tail.in addition, the pieces were the finished shape of the board, complete with channels, wings,concaves, etc.my friend’s was a semi-gun with channels and some other weird thing on a pintal.the second part of the kit was a red foam/sponge like material about 3’ long and looked roughly like a shortboard blank. the third part was a wide selection of different chemicals which one could choose from in order to mix certain combinations of to make your surfboard as you like it.eg, flexible, heavy, light, stiff, etc. formulas were developed by longtime shapers and a few new backyard builders.

to make board, put two halves of mold together, lay in the red spong/foam thing, pour in your pre-mixed formula and let it cure overnight.remove from mold, sand off blemishes and you are done! no glassing needed, just pop in your fins and go surf on a completely finished, custom board you just “built”. then my dream took off in another direction, something to do with me owning a thriftstore and getting hassled by pesky salesmen selling cheap, knockoff products…