A hollow question for Paul or whoever's into dugouts..

I’ve been really interested in your construction techniques Paul - but I’ve been wondering is there’s an easier way? Anything wrong with shaping a board from a solid piece of wood, cutting it lengthwise down the middle, scooping out hollow then gluing both sides back together. Has anyone tried this - or is it nonsense?

search for chamber or chambering and balsa in the archives. I think Jim Phillips is the man you might want to direct your questions to. I’m not sure it’s easier.



takk Havaard! just couldn’t find the right phrase to search the arhives. - Surf good for you at the moment? i see a low in what looks to me to be the right place.

Small but clean, with a little power and offshore wind. Doesn’t get much better this time of year. Spent 6 hours surfing today, pretty shot. You know, I wish the british Islands wasn’t there but I guess that to much to hope for… :slight_smile: Hope you guys are getting some.