A visit from Sylvia.and visting distant exotic faraway lands..........

…I would like to thank Sylvia and her hubby for taking the time and stopping by my humble home. …Guys I saw some of her work and if she can do what she does in ONLY 10 or 12 boards, in a couple years she will be kicking all our asses from A to Z. …Again thanks and come back soon for your shape and paint lessons. …My mid November Hawaiian vacation has been postponed till mid January according to my wife’s Paul Mitchell educator’s Schedule(grumble,grumble).I told her if she cancelled on me one more time I was going w/o her and taking a barely legal, girls gone wild type friend with me. …So GALS,here’s your chance for a free hawaiian vacation.Just send a picture of yourself(riskyest wins!!!)and a short description of how you would be the happiest person in the world to travel with me to the tropics,Thankyou in advance.Herb

spitzersuperchargers@earthlink.net LOL

Howzit Herb, Sorry to hear about the delay in your travel plans. But we’ll tell mother nature to save some good waves til you get here. We havan’t had any really big swells yet, but the conditions and medium size waves have been good, lots of east and south winds which open up more spots for surf. Aloha, Kokua


Herb, The circus is in the country anyway. Best wait till January.

So… provided that you don’t get any responses from the ladies, can we guys bid for the position? I have no problem sending in a photo of me if it means a free Hawaiian vacation - but don’t be expecting anything… heh.

Herb, Would have to aggree with you, Sylvias boards are great we hooked up in San Diego for a small session at tourmaline. First time she long boarded she did great a natural… Her boards are great for just a short time shaping. would love to go to Hi. with you but moving to Cabo. in Dec. going thru a divorce and moving out. Wife is getting the kids, but I already have a job in Cabo, 25hrs a week. the rest of the time is surfing and fishing…So you know the door is always open to you whenever you want… Mark Scott


…Sorry to hear of your troubles.Keep in touch.You’ll see my ghost when you ride shipwrecks.Herb