acetone lam?

quick Q,

I’ve HCed the bottom of my board and ready to do the top but i have white hand prints over the exposed lam coat and want to clean them off before doing the deck. I read that acetone isn’t good for the lam coat, is that true? So should i just use water and a rag or can i acetone to clean it out nice. Thanks.

I use a clean rag with acetone to clean the lam without any problems at all… just make sure the rag has no color because acetone can make the color bleach and make a mess in your lam…


Acetone can make an area turn yellow and can dry out the lamination. I you must, then do it sparingly and VERY quickly. Note that resin contains a solvent better than acetone (styrene/ 35%) and if you act quickly then you can wipe areas with the wet resin of your batch (and a clean cloth) as you are brushing out your hotcoat. Like Cabeto says, it is reallty important to have a clean, white cloth that does not shed…

 Howzit Flatspell, I've used clean acetone with a clean rag and and never had it turn yellow. You can also use styrene since it's a resin thinner, but use chem gloves and a clean rag since styrene is a very dangerous chemical that can cause CANCER. Have you tried pulling it off with masking tape, that works sometimes. Aloha, Kokua

Does anyone here use Styrene for cleanup on the lamination coat? I had good success with it for such.