Acrylic paint on EPS blank - ???

I finished shaping my first board and am planning on having my girlfriend do a little art on the deck before glassing.  I used an EPS blank (around #2 density I think), spackled it lightly and sanded back down really well so the beads still show through everywhere.  She’s going to be using acrylic paint as that seems to be what others use, but the design is centered around the stringer and there are a few places where it will get painted over.

The art is all going in a 16" section on the deck starting 4" back from the nose, running to 20" back.  There are two approximately 2-3" sections that cover the stringer and two more 1/8" sections at either end where the outline lines come together.  I’m using resin reseach epoxy with additive F and hand glassing (no vac).  She knows to go as light as possible with the paint, but am I begging for delams and trouble, or will a couple small sections like this on the stringer not be that big of a deal?

I know someone’s going to tell me to go search in the archives and I have and found every answer you can think of - don’t do it!, it’s fine!, might cause problems, mix resin in with your paint, etc.  So I was hoping someone would offer some concrete clarification on the subject.  And I plan on letting her do more artwork on future boards too so if there’s a better way to detailed art, feel free to share some of that info as well.

Thanks everyone!

If done as you stated, you will not have problems with delamination. People do it all the time. Good quality acrylic paint is a must. I recommend the KK RR epoxy to cut your chances of the paint bleeding while it’s setting up, but I’ve done it with 2000 and it’s fine.


the thicker the blank is where the art is, the less chance you have of a delam. reason being it wont gett popped off, you know?

and i found that even with the lightest of coats, the resin lets go if it gets hit by a small sharp and hard object, it just delams. so i would put the art under the feet

but if the blank is thick enough, and you dont pressure the art, you are fine

just my experiences