Acrylic paint ratio?

Hey Swaylocks
I just bought a compressor and a
20 oz. Gravity feed spray gun.
Getting ready to spray my first board.
What I would like to know is what is the
proper ratios of paint to water to get good
coverage without overdoing it
I’m using Liquitex acrylics on a poly blank
thanks for any replys.

I don’t know about the liquitex paints, but I go with about 20% water by volume. Some people mix in a mixture of Future Floor Acrylic and water. I’ve used normal latex paint, with the acrylic level bumped up by adding 15% straight acrylic, then thin that mixture with 20% distilled water.

i use createx acrylic paints, and i believe they are pretty similar to the liquitex brand.  i usually dilute the paint by 50% with equal parts water and future floor polish.  after the paint dries, i will go back and do a sealer coat of future floor finish and water at about 2/3 future polish and 1/3 water.  as of yet i have not been using distilled water, but i think that is a good idea and will be doing that from now on.



Where can I get Future Floor Finish?

Many store where it used to be available are not anymore. Lately I have been getting mine at Wal-Mart.[img_assist|nid=1042170|title=Future Floor|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=64|height=100]