Actual weight of an average shortboard

Ironic as this may sound, after 1 hr of google searching the net, I couldn’t find a singe refference to the ACTUAL WEIGHT of a polyester board and epoxy board (for my purposes, say a 6’ shortboard). Yes, 3 million refferences to them being lighter, but HOW much lighter? 30% OK, but 30% of WHAT? 3 lbs? 30lbs? What DOES a board weigh? I can’t find a single actual weight of a single board anywhere on the net. Amazing? Maybe, but true anyway… so… anyone here KNOW this (yes, they vary, but give or take a half pound or so…)



You’re right, and for some reason, no one posts displacement figures, either, which seems like it would be super helpful in determining which size board to get.

A very different world than whitewater kayaking – kinda frustrating some times…

my average weight for a 6 2" composite is close to 2.2 kg

although superlights are 2 kg

and heavyones(virtually undingable) are up to to 2.7 kg

dunno what a pu/pe weighs

between 2.6 kg for a light one and 3 .5 kg i guess

I think its around 5.5-6.5 lbs for PU/PE “standard” shortboards.

Depends greatly on:

#1 the glassjob

#2 the blank.

Hi everybody,

I use to check my PU boards once and while, just to verify fluctuations on weight. Considering a 6’0’’ x 18 1/4 x 2 1/4’’ (with 2x4 oz deck / 4 oz bottom) as an example, I could say the folllowing:

  • superlight pro comp boards - 2.2 to 2.3kg

  • average custom boards - 2.5 to 2.7kg

  • heavy glassed ones - 2.8 to 3.0kg

Generally, the variations can be related to the cloth specifications, fins’ materials, and even the environmental conditions of the glass room (temperature, etc).

Cool, thanks… thats about what I figured.

I’m getting my epoxy boards out (with a 10/10 laminate) at 4.2 to 4.7 lbs (about 2KG at lightest) so I was wondering about that.


1kg = 2.2lbs, for anyone wondering…

Actual STRENGTH and actual LONGEVITY [life span] of an “average” shortboard is worth considering , too, I think.

ive never seen a pu board that weighs 2.2 kg though

is it because they only last a week?

or maybe those boards are only availably to the pros??

Hi Silly,

The average lifespan of a superlight board is about 4 months, if it is used everyday. It depends on the user. Some can destroy a board in two or three weeks, but sometimes they can keep it alive for until 6 months. I try to explain to my custumers that these boards should be used just to compete, and that they should have a stronger one with the same dimensions just for trainning. But, in general, they preffer to have only one board, and use it til the end.

hi jeff


yep thought so

i was just being a dick!:slight_smile:

btw. i love the feel of a new pu

just after 6 months to a year the light ones feel pretty dog.

funny how dudes just want one board though hey!

when theyd get years out of a supalight if they only ride it when its good surf?

Hey Silly,

I agree with you. In reality, I think they can have a good excuse, because most of the customers who encharge me this type of glassing are competitors (mainly amateurs). So, they don’t have good sponsors that give them the opportunity of own 2 boards with different glass jobs. The rest are a bunch of wannabes…(I didn’t say that, ha!)