advice for a longboard style 9'6 sup

so i started on a 9’6 x 27"1/4 x 3"1/4 working for something thats quite high performance that can generate a bit of speed when needed with top to botom performance but still have some nose riding ability. Im still relativly new to shaping on board no.6 the olnly similar board i have done (8’10x29) had a single concave in the nose runing back to a small concave in the center and beaking into a double concave running back with a small v between the feet,while this was very nice it lacked the speed and high perfomace aspect. im just wondereing what would be best to do to get it going a little more the outline is longer and narroer and thiner so hopfuly that will help a little, wondering if keeping it more as just a plain v runing from the center would be better than the double concave?? odviosly in these wide boards its there to allso help the rail to rail transition. 

If any of you master shapers out there would like to throw some sugestions in i would love to hear them and will be reading everything with a keen interest to hopfuly comeing up with something good.


edit: i should also mention i am 6’2 160lbs and is to ride in the uk sholder to head high clean mellow waves in Devon

Many thanks and a happy new year




SUPs don’t get fast until you hit 7 ft something. Try 7’8 x 29 and you’ll get high performance 

I only do flat bottoms and flat decks now. Flat decks are more stable, allowing you to drop in size and get more performance than from something domed in the deck.

Flat bottoms paddle faster. I’ve done identical boards, concave and flat. Flat wins every time. Not only does it paddle faster ( we paddle a lot so…) but it jumps up to speed quicker. 

31/4 is too thin. You can do thin rails without making it a sinker. Just beware, thin rails rob stability as bad as going narrow, so doing both may shock you.



9’6" x 30" x 5.0" round pin - flat deck.

Easy on the concaves as they can slow you down.

Slight VEE last 14 - 18".

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thanks guys the 9’6 x 27"1/4 x 3"1/4 actualy came from a board surfed in calafornia in september and was so impressed by it i just had to do one for myself, there was more than enuff stability and volume there so im not to woried, im used to surfing a 7’10 x 29 x 3" 1/2 so this should feel quite big. 

i think im going to go with the slight concave to the nose then probably keep it flat through the center and a simple v in the tail and see how it goes as it will make a good starting point for future boards.hopfuly i will have it shaped up today.