Advice on my vintage board needed

First time poster, although I have been lurking on here for some time.  The knowledge base here is amazing, and I have spent way too many hours reading these forums.

I got this board back in 1980 I think.  I don't remember whether it was directly from Nomad, or from another surf shop in Florida, doesn't really matter.  It was used, although fairly new at the time.

The board is 5'7 X 20" X 2.625". 

I live in Canada, and am headed down to Florida next week for some sun, and hopefully some surfing, although I haven't been on a board in 25 years.  Question is; should I bring this board with me, or just rent one there?  Would this board perform similar to the newer boards, or am I dreaming?

Anyone know the history of this board?

The checkerboard fins are kind of distinctive, they are hand painted.



Sorry, I had the pictures up, then tried to edit my post and lost them.

I uploaded this time as attachments, instead of embedding them, not sure what happened.

that board looks pretty sweet to me, and it shows unbelievably well for its age condition-wise, as well as design wise.  now, do i think that a 5’7" twin fin is a stable, forgiving platform for someone who’s not surfed in forever, well not really.  it all depends how much you weigh, what your fitness/capability level really is, and what your expectations are.  


definitely no shame walking down the beach with that one, unless you flail and get it run down on the inside--  it’d be a shame after all these years and the long ride.  you ought to get a florida shaper to look at it while you’re down and make you a modern interpretation.  i think that template would make a killer quad.




Thanks cbg,

I always thought it had a modern look, even as the years went by. 

 I'm 150lbs, 5'7".  Fitness wise, I think I'm good, a bit of a cardio addict.  Skill wise, well that's another story.  I was never any good to begin with, usually one frontside turn and bail(maybe my problem was this board!!).  I have windsurfed a lot over the years, and I'm an avid snowboarder, so I'm hoping that will ease the frustration a bit.

Could this be modified to a quad setup? 

right on.  seems like you’ve kept your youthful figure, and at that weight it shouldn’t prove too challenging.  still not a super stable platform, but i’ll give you some credit for boardsport cross-training and fitness.  what the hell, just go for it and smile a lot, cause it’s the self-satisfaction that’s the reward.  plus, it’ll be springtime florida, so probably not pushing the limits of man and machine.


i don’t know about modding that one.  number one, it looks pretty good, and i’d hate to hack up a cherry.  number two, the twin placement is pretty forward and center.  it’d probably take four new boxes to pull off a decent cluster.  leave her be and just don’t push the tail too hard, especially backside, and you should be fine.  i may have irrational fear of twins, but i’ve got 75 pounds on you so no wonder.  you’ll be stoked regardless.




I don't think I would mess with that Board Just surf it as it is.  if you want a more contemporary Board have someone do a copy with a more progressive modern rocker and fin set up do a 5 fin box system and play around with all manner of fins .

Thanks for the positive feedback everyone!!  I was expecting "oh those, most people burned them......"

I'm getting the impression that this board in the right conditions will still be a lot of fun.

I guess I'll take it with me, and probably try out a few rentals as well.  Since I was a young teenager last time I tried this board, I have a feeling it will be a miracle if I can even stand up!!  Probably money well spent to get a lesson after all these years.

Plan is to be somewhere around cocoa beach(plus or minus an hour), so if anyones in the area, I'm sure to be enjoying plenty of cold beer, and would gladly share them for some pointers!!!