Ah crap.. big problems.. future fins?

I just glassed my board for my trip back home to maui for the summer and ordered future fins… not realizing that they needed to be done on the blank, I ordered them thinking I can put them on after I get the board done… which it is… and… now I searched on here about how to install them and everything says before lamming and hot coating… which the board is already sanded and practically ready to surf other then this. What should I do to install these? I leave sunday at 550 in the AM so ordering FCS plugs istn an option now.

order a set of ProBox fins and have them delivered to maui…install them as soon as you get there…board is ready to surf the next day.

besides…you’ll like ProBox better…and then you’ll never use anything else.

Ill actaully be on oahu sunday… then I fly home monday evening…but I wont have none of my tools or anything… and that would be ap ain in the ass to do it there, gotta figure a way to get the futures in now

you’d have to sand it down and install the futures…more pain in the ass than it’s worth…and even then, it won’t be a very strong install

i’m sure you could find a swaylocker on oahu willing to loan out a little space and tools

Future fins can be installed before or after the lamination. Sand the area where you want the boxes, make your marks, route em out, put the boxes in with some lam resin(dont forget the tape), and laminate a piece of cloth over the boxes, sand and blend. Mike

Already hot coated on a resin swirled board… but i guess I dont have any other options

Aloha bobmarley

Bring your board to my shop on early Sunday or Monday And we can rout in some ProBoxes for you and sand them a bit later that same day. Just be flexible with your time as I will be juggeling plenty of other stuff too.

Awesome, how much will it cost? and where is the shop?

Aloha bobmarley

Tri Fin 3 box set with inserts and screws is $30.00. As a courtesy to your circumstances, $10.00 for installation if you help install it. You can use the tools and shop. I can guide you if you haven’t done ProBox before. They are very easy.

I am located in downtown Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu about 1 hour from Honolulu. We are open 10 to 6:30 daily. Though I am often here after hours. Check my temporary website http://www.billbarnfield.com for more detailed driving instructions but don’t look for Kentucky Fried Chicken as it says, they closed down and Wyland Galleries is now in that location.

swaylocks at its best. right on guys…

Very cool !!!

Thank you Bill B for helping out a fellow Swaylock’s member

Yeah, thanks Bill!

Maybe Bob will spend a few bucks in the shop on some stuff he forgot?

How cool is that???

Yeah bill you are the man, I guess im gonna need to get fins too becusae I dont have fins that go into pro boxes. Hopefully I can find your shop :slight_smile:

Its a 6’4 epoxy with a resin swirl :slight_smile:

here are some super resized and shrunken pics

So Probox also fits future fins? that’s cool. And BB’s cool too for doing that.

I just tried to install proboxes yesterday and screwed up!!! I watched the video and still made it more complicated than it was …i’m dumb. It’s a good system, I’m sure I’ll get it right the next time.


Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe one has to trim down (shorten) the base of a futures fin to fit in a pro box (which means it cannot be used in a futures box/plug again).

yes…the tab on a futures fin needs to be ground down to fit ProBox…so that’s a one-way conversion.

however, it will fit FCS with no adjustments necessary.


Thanks everyone for all the advice and stuff, got it figured out

Aloha Bobmarley

I have some FCS fins here and there are about 20 other surfshops in Haleiwa so you can likely find some fins easily if mine don’t suit you.

Haleiwa is a very small town. If you find Haleiwa, you’ll find my shop. Just ask anyone in town they will tell you were it is or if you have a cell phone just call and we will vector you in. Driving through Haleiwa look for Breakers restaurant, Quicksilver Board Riders Shop and Wyland Galleries. They are all sit on the road at the front of the North Shore Marketplace, the same shopping center that I am in. Look for the big grey building with the bright yellow awning and trim. Just ask any of my staff where I am and they will find me for you. Let them know I am expecting you. Otherwise, they shield me pretty well.

I am taking some friends mountain bike riding around Kaena Point on Sunday morning at 9am and should be back by Noon. Anytime after that we can do your fin boxes. If anyone wants to tag along meet at my shop at 9am. We will truck to Dillingham Airfield and ride from there. About a 15 mile ride.