ah.... what a nice day for a spot of windsurfing ! [photos]

…you DON’T want to see what happened next …

yeah i do

…the sports segment on the 5pm and 6pm news['s?] tonight that showed it called it "a shipwreck waiting to happen " …

…believe it or not , a goofyfoot surfer took an even WORSE wipeout , when he skipped down the face like a stone , then got picked up and sucked over .

[I can send you about a 30 shot sequence of THAT wave for a gif , if ya like that kind of stuff , Paul …]

illl just do these ones ya post

u gotta show the last few

love the avatar ,very serious


“…love the avatar ,very serious…”

Well , what can I say ?

…I’m a very serious guy .

So, just for you , Mr. Cannonball, here’s the last shot in the sequence …enjoy !!

JasonPolakow or RobertTeretihau, methinks they took off too deep and didn’t ride high enough to create speed down the line…you dink?


amusing the spectators at the colesium were willing to sacrifice their lives

the moment of attention and fawning of the masses

is a powerful thing

punch drunk boxers

limping motorcycle jumpers

weather stations derived from formerly sound bodies

tales of the greatest crash

drive many to distraction

a clean dripless glide

down around and through

un recorded

this alone drives others

to focus


to die…a limited success

stick your foot under a lawn mower

everybody will look.

and say wow

was that smart or what?

Striving for the best success…invisibility.

Everything else is just too damn risky.

I hear as the wind was so light that he was towed in.

 No wind why bother??