air bubble trouble

hi everyone i just finished laminating my first board and there appears to be a small bubble between the glass layers that i missed. My question is will the bubble cause me major problems later or will the board be fine? the bubble is at the end of the tail where you fold the glass over the edge between the deck and the bottom. Should i sand it down or leave it alone. Any help is appreciated, thanks everyone.

Post a pic so we can see how BIG they are. If they are small ones way under no worries. 

Sand the board if they open up fix but if its water tight. No worries.

Another thing if you haven’t hot coated clean up the tips and if they open you may be able to fill them when you tape off and hot coat.

Last thing don’t do that again! 


Tails and noses…arrrrgggghhhhh! Welcome to glassing!

Sanolocal you are a proglasser…How do you avoid this??..I for one still have an issue at times with squash tails for some reason. My pins and LBs come out fine…something to do with that hard edge or something?

hey woody

sano may have another answer for you,,, but,,,, if I may,,,,,,

it may be that the lap is too short for that tight radius and the cloth slips back and sucks in air.

also the V cut at the ends ,,,, theres that trick method that retains the resin better

my two bits

Well, its how you cut the corners and pull your cloth when folding it under. Its all about technique but most of all it’s keeping an eye on those points. The last thing I do when I think I’m all done is go back and check my corners. 

When I do tints I always keep a small Dixie cup of the resin just in case. Once the board is sanded and any bubbles pop up. Yes, even the best glasser get bubbles so don’t feel special. 

A trick to try on rounded squash, thumb and round tails is I cut a loop in the corners and by cutting a loop it will allow you to squish under the corners drawing it smooth and tight. You may need to cut it in the middle of the tail flap. Its tricky at first but once ya master it you never have to worry about bubbles in corners. Plus cutting your tails a little shorter helps. 

thanks you guys. ill be sure never to do that again. and the bubbles are small and air tight.