air bubbles in blank

Made the mistake of using a “seconds” blank, and have uncovered several fingernail sized air bubbles on the bottom.I used info from this site and filled them with “spackle” stuff, it looked ok and I allowed them to dry several days before sanding smooth and laminating. The repaired areas turned brown under the lam. coat, what do I do now? Most 2nd blanks have external clamping, handling type damage, this one looked too good to be true and was’nt.

Hey Not sure really what you wanted. Are you selling your boards as first class, out of the shop, new boards? If you just surf that board, I’ll bet it would work like magic. Seconds and the lightest of ultralights always seem to get some significant air bubbles…note to thy self. A pysychodelic squeegee or spray would have hidden it, but too late. Maybe a sticker.

I’ve used spackle several times without incident… anything else you may have done to cause browning?

definitely switch brands of spackle. not much you can do now but next time dont use that brand. ive had the same problems, then i switched brands and the problem was solved

spackle is for… cut a tapered plug stick it in the matching hole ,cut plug and hole with a long pointy x-acto knife blade… the spackle recomendation came from the spackle guys…they are spckling everything everywhere right now …like tthe duct ape guys…no ducks who cares tape it anyway…be a foam guy you dont even need glue just a close tollerence fit…thats why the thin blade…SPACKLE!!!get behind me spackle thou art a deamon unfit to live in the relm of … POLY - URATHANE be gone back to sheetrock recesses whence thee came and whiten these portals NO MORE…sew the spackle reap the sneeze…ambrose…varlet unincumbered by white delusionary panacea

Yea!!! Ambrose! What a spacklin’ good idea! Maybe a little spackle under the plug just…to…kinda …hold it? HAAAA! Great advice about the plug! I volunteered you to shape a Penguin in another post! Cant wait to read the review! Krokus

yup… ambrose says it again like a true master surf kapuna.nuf said