Airboard: Snowbound Cousin to Neumatic Surfcraft

Any of you acolytes of the surfmat familiar with Airboards, which are essentially a neumatic ‘surfcraft’ for the mountains?

I hope you excuse my posting somthing only tangentially related to surf craft.

kinda cool. Dig the site too!

Looks like landing a jump on packed powder would send you straight to the chiropractor (or emergency room). I’ll stick with my snowboard, but I like the inventive spirit.

They really are dangerous. One thing is going down a 12’ wave on an air matress, it’s quite something else to go down a 1200’ hill on one without much to control your direction nor brakes.



I’d stay clear. Broke my left femur, fibula and talis all in one shot 2 years ago on a tractor tire tube. Same deal. An inflatable downhill toy pretty much. Lots of speed, no control or braking.