airbrush on epoxy hotcoat - prep for gloss??

looking for trouble

oh man

not sure what happened to my post…??

just got an airbrush – addicting for sure

surface was sanded to 100 – came out fine

very very little bleed through on the lines – came out very crisp.

i gently washed with dawn detergent and sponge…

when laying down the epoxy it was crater city…

i thought the dawn would help, but not really

i just put enough to work it over the painted areas and just kept working the craters and fisheyes with long strokes until it started to gel – then another full coat… came out ok, but lots of time and work…

i know it is easier to paint on the foam – but if i do a hotcoat paintjob again – is there a better way to prep?

sand finner to like 320

automotive clear spray will put a gloss on it

epoxy on paint is a touchy thing

Graphics like the ones you’ve shown are better done on the blank, and would be a lot easier and more durable that way with cloth over it. As Kensurf says, paint under epoxy can be unpredictable. I would use Duracolor paints and lightly go over it with 800-1000 grit. Prep the blank with epoxy/microballoons, and sand to 220. If the surface is still too rough, put a thin coat over it and resand.

Bump up the acrylic content of your paint to make it harder and better to sand and gloss over.

I stay away from detergent… just sand with gloves on.

Smedman, Your problem can be solved (next time) by sanding the surface of the paint before you gloss. The paint itself usually has a slight shine to it which repels the resin. Just hit it lightly with 400 grit then look at it to see if light reflects off the surface of the paint. When it looks dull, you can gloss without problems. Be sure to wipe off the paint dust thoroughly, though. Use a paper towel and look at the towel for color, not the board. The board can look clean, but you’ll still pick up paint on the paper towel. When you wipe it and the towel is clean, you’re ready to paint.

And use water-based acrylic paint.