Airbrush/Spraypaint on board

Hey guys

Spray-painted my board.

I did it directly onto the blank, and it came out okay.

But I have a question. Do you just spray-paint onto the blank, and then glass right over it? Is that all there is to it, or am I missing something?

I searched the Archives. I couldn’t find an answer. I think the reason why is because the answer is probably very obvious and simple, so no one’s asked it before. Oh well.

Yep just glass right over it!

Did you seal the paint on the blank?Herb

How do you seal the paint on the board?

Spraying it either with a airbrush or paint gun of sorts.

Either Future in a air-set-up,or clear Krylon in a can.Herb

future wears off over time dosent it?..krylon will scratch off with a fingernail…? right ,so if these are the only thing between the paint and the ocean shurley the paint will be next…if this is is all on the the foam then glassed over…i guess thats one problem solved…but i dont like the idea having floor polish or spraypaint between my foam and glass…thats just my opinion so if im all wrong let me know.

JLW, I’ve used lots of advice from this forum, and I have found what works for me: Thin your paint with Future Floor Finish (it’s not wax, it’s acrylic ). That will give an automatic sealing effect to your waterbased acrylic paint. Then do your laminating right over it. If you need to tape over any of the painted areas before you glass, seal those areas with some clear acrylic spray before the lam. Doug

the clear sealant is acryllic, just like the spray paint that’s already going to be between the foam and the glass. chemically, it’s the same…just no color. trust the experts…if you don’t seal it, it’ll bleed out everywhere.

Hey guys.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it. Do you think I could buy this stuff at my local hardware store? Is there anywhere online to order it?

you can buy it anywhere…hardware store…walmart…etc. and it’s cheap, too…no need to go online for it.

New question/Old Thread…maybe a retread


I want to lay a  Curren type of ‘black beauty’ wide pin line on the foam ( pre-glassed/ wont be black).

Want to use a spray can, I wont be using black…perhaps red,green or purple.

I’m looking for the current recommended spray paint ( spraypaint   …search friendly, spraypaint in a pressurized can) that wont fade, hopefully.


Someone mentioned Plasticote- Acrylic Lacquer   

Anything better?


Krylon H20 spray paint in a can, Wal Mart, Home Depot, limited colors but works on foam, I still sealed it with Krylon clear no bleeds


I’ve used krylon H2O for small paint jobs on foam, works ok, problems are nozzle splatter & splotchy coverage if you try larger area and as mentioned limited colors.


compressor & detail gun, acrylic paints thinned with 50/50 water & future, way better. I sometimes give tape edges a light dusting with rattle can clear acrylic but never have sealed the paint job itself with it. no problems bleeding, even laminating black painted rails like this one couple days ago



want to add my sincere THANKS, to SWAYLOCKS & all the good people who share their knowledge & experience. no way i could have ever reached this point without you guys. still not ‘there’ yet by a long shot, but stoked to always keep trying to get better!



Krylon H2O so far , has the color I want.

Looked back into the archives, this stuff has good non-fading properties–verified.

Bud, your board, for black of all things, looks awesomes!